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Physiotherapy - Back Pain - Sports Injuries - Joint Dysfunction - Whiplash Treatment Centre

Now at the Fyfield Clinic, 29 Fyfield Road, Enfield, Middlesex EN1 3TT

Tel: 02083660666

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We look at the whole human. Many years' experience have taught us that following the steps outlined below achieves the best results:

1. Determine whether there is any underlying negative stress (worries) present that results in pain (psychosomatic pain).

2. If so, the source is identified and a strategy is implemented to overcome the stress.

3. Simultaneously an assessment is done to determine to what extent your body might be affected by toxic elements.

4. What the body needs to function optimally and to reduce the incidence of sickness is discussed and a strategy to achieve results is determined.

Where the cause of your pain is very obvious, e.g. spraining an ankle, hurting your back by lifting incorrectly or suffering a sports injury, the above steps won't be necessary and treatment to resolve the pain and dysfunction will commence immediately.

5. When treating your pain and dysfunction the aims are:

- To get rid of swelling, inflammation and pain by restoring the integrity of tissues at cellular level.

- To correct the alignment of joints, particularly if you have back pain or spinal problems.

- To take preventitive steps to reduce the odds of you suffering the same problem or to keep it from getting worse in future.

6. We allow enough time each treatment session to enable us to combine different, proven treatment techniques that each addresses a specific aspect of your dysfunction but, that together, achieve optimal results.

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We are at:

Now at the Fyfield Clinic, 29 Fyfield Road, Enfield, Middlesex EN1 3TT

(250 yards from Enfield Town Station)

Free Client Parking

Tel: 02083660666

Bus Routes 121, 191, 279, 307, 313, W8 and W9.

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